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Whimsical animal art- adorable art for the nursery or kid's rooms

Whimsical animal art- adorable art for the nursery or kid’s rooms

New Whimsical Art for kid’s rooms

Baby animals and kids go together like peanut butter and Jelly. I spent the last week or so creating a new collection of art for kid’s rooms that will look adorable in the nursery or in the toddler’s bedroom.





Digital artworks
Suzanne Carter Art Avail here


A little bit of info about my creative process in case you would like to know. I love working in photoshop best, I get a lot of joy and satisfaction out of creating something new out of individual or separate parts, blending and combining images with colors and filters until I reach an unknown destination. Most of the time it’s quite organic and the art evolves as I work at it, often going through an ugly duck stage until it’s finished. Usually, I just arrive at the point that I know it’s done quite spontaneously and at other times I save it and come back to it later.


Elodie the frenchie digital artwork for kid's rooms
Elodie the French Bulldog. Avail here



Mara digital artwork for kid's rooms
Mara the baby giraffe Avail here


Stripes digital artwork for kid's rooms
Stripes- the baby Zebra’s Avail here



lola the hound digital artwork for kid's rooms
Lola the hound Avail here


Art for kid's rooms
Adorable Kids Art Avail here




Briar rabbit digital artwork for kid's rooms
Briar rabbit digital art Avail here



Owl digital artwork for kid's rooms
Owl digital art Avail here


Belle the highland cow art for kid's rooms
Belle the highland cow Avail here



Koko the frenchie art for kid's rooms
Koko the Frenchie avail here



Oh Deer digital artwork for kid's rooms
Oh Deer Avail here 


I hope you enjoyed these new artworks you can check them out at my  Curioos shop here 



Adorable art for the kid's rooms
Whimsical art Avail here



If there is something else you would like to see, make sure to leave me a comment. I would love to hear your feedback!


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