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Together we can make a difference! – Moments of Grace and Glory

Together we can make a difference!

I have decided to give away 5% of all my art sales to make a difference!

One of my big goals for blogging is to make a difference. We might not be able to save the whole world but we can change lives one life at a time and changed lives change lives!

I have always wanted to do more and so I have decided to give 5% of all my art sales to make a difference. I hope you will join me, no amount given is too small and my prayer is that together we can change one life at a time.

I know that we sometimes look around at the chaos and suffering in the world and it all seems to much, and what can I do anyway, I’m just one person. I truly believe that every life is precious and that if we give what is in our hands to give that we can impact the life of 1 person, and it can snowball from there.

One of my favorite quote’s is from William Wilberforce (Slave Trade Abolitionist) He said ” All it takes for evil to flourish is for good men to do nothing”

So here are a few of the ministries that I will be donating to in the upcoming months and I know I will keep adding to this list. Please prayerfully consider making a donation, so that together we can make a difference!

 On my heart- Lets make a difference!

  1. The Poor & the Orphan: Iris Ministries, in Mozambique. Heidi & Rolland Baker have been missionaries in this nation for decades preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ, feeding the poor, educating & housing children and establishing farms to feed people among many other things. They are truly making an impact in this nation and other nations in Africa and around the world.

Check out their ministry and please Give generously!

  1. Human Trafficking:  Modern Day Slavery is a shocking reality with millions of people old & young enslaved in enforced labor, sex trafficking & child soldiers. It is a billion dollar industry & only 1% are rescued. A ministry that is striving to make a difference to rescue and rehabilitate people all over the world is A21.  We must all become modern day abolitionists.

I would love you to visit them, and give generously toward this cause!

3. Persecuted Church: There have been more Christian Martyrs in this last century than ever before. Open Doors is a ministry that serves persecuted Christian’s in over 6o nations.

Please check out what they do and give generously!


Give- Together we can make a difference
Together we can make a difference


Let me know what you think & please prayerfully consider making a donation, so that together we can make a difference!

Leave me a comment I would love to know who you support & why.


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