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Ways to earn an extra $500 to $1000 income each month.

Ways to earn an extra $500 to $1000 income each month.

Supplementing our family Income


As a stay at home mum, I am always on the lookout for ways to earn extra cash to supplement our family income. My husband works incredibly hard at his day job, teaching carpentry in one of our local prisons. I am so grateful that he has shared my conviction of being in the home as our 6 kids have grown up. This conviction has meant certain sacrifices and they’ve all been worth it but the extra cash that I can generate each month through different income streams helps us to do the extra things that one income doesn’t cover.


Ways to earn an extra $500 to $100 income each month


Until I started my blog I had no idea that there were so many ways that you could create a side hustle or earn extra income, but my eyes have been opened and I’ve been blown away that it really is possible to earn extra money above and beyond just having a day job.


You might be thinking it’s not possible to earn an extra $500 to $1000 per month, can I just encourage you to think again!


There are many bloggers out there doing just that and much, much more! but they all had to start somewhere right!


Some of these bloggers inspire me to keep going and realize that its possible to build a successful, thriving online business.


One such blogger is Pat with his blog ‘Smart Passive Income’. In 2008 Pat was laid off his job, just before his wedding and it could have been the end of him but instead, he decided to build a business online, through his blog and related services he earns a crazy amount of income each month, and I mean crazy! $80-$90,000 #goals You can check out Pats income reports HERE


Pinch of Yum is an amazing food website. Its owner Lindsay used to be a 4th-grade teacher and is now a full-time blogger. She regularly makes $20 to $30,000 per month through her website and related services. Together with her husband Bjork they decided to stop publishing their monthly report but check out this post HERE as it has some great encouragement detailing the start of their journey back in 2011 when they first earned a whopping $21.97 for the month


Finding the right side hustle might take a bit of experimenting as you find out what works for you and your situation but with a bit of hard work, effort and consistency, it’s totally possible to earn an extra $500 to $1000 each month and there are bloggers out there who are earning much more than that. I say don’t despise the day of small beginnings because we all have to start somewhere.

How about you? what are some of the reasons that you want to earn extra income?


-You might want to pay off debt- Credit card or student loans

-Save for a holiday or a wedding.

-Save for your retirement

-Purchase a big ticket item such as a car or house.


Diversify and build more than one income stream. Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!


Whatever the reason for wanting to generate additional income, with a little effort and hard work, you can make it happen, but you might need to combine more than 1 idea to generate the level of income you want.  I actually think that’s a wise idea anyway, recently I learned this lesson the hard way when a company that sells my art designs began to drop the ball with their communication and monthly payments.

It shocked me into the realization that I had put all my eggs in one basket & If this company went under I would lose a major part of my monthly income. It was time to diversify and create more passive income streams. That way if something happens to one of them I still have a source of income.


****This post may contain Affiliate links: Please go ahead and check out my full Disclaimer Policy HERE*****


Earn extra income


Below are my tips on how to make an extra $500 to $1000 a month:

1st up, start a Blog to make extra money!


Blogging is quite affordable to start and since I started my blog I have learned heaps. I am encouraged by the success of other bloggers and day by day I am growing and enjoying the journey.

One of my goals is to make a substantial income through my blog to supplement our family income, then help other people to do the same and be able to give away a large percentage of the profits. Right now I am giving away 5% of all my art sales as well as a 10% tithe but my goal is to give away more!

You can check out my post ‘Make a difference’ where I share the Charities I am giving into and what the inspiration is behind my giving.

If you would like to know how you can set up a blog and what Web Hosting Service I recommend then please check out my post ‘A step by step guide to set up a WordPress Blog on Siteground’

A step by step guide to set up a WordPress Blog on SiteGround

Answer surveys


Did you know that you can get paid to answer surveys and test products? They’re free to join and free to use!

I recommend signing up for as many as you can, this way you can receive the most surveys and make the most money. You are not going to get super rich this way, but surveys can help add to your monthly total and some even have the added bonus of affiliate programs where you can earn by referring others to take part.

Survey companies that I personally recommend as one of the ways in which you can make extra money include:



1. Swagbucks



Survey Junkie
Survey Junkie









Note: Survey Junkie only accepts traffic from US, Canada, and Australia at this time. From somewhere else? don’t let that put you off, sign up to one of the other options like Swagbucks,


Opinion Outpost



On top of earning points and rewards by completing surveys, you can also earn up to 500 points just by referring friends and people you know through Social Media/emails or on your Website. You can sign up via my link HERE

The Panel Station



Sign up for Ebates and earn cash back while you shop online + refer others and earn. Ebates will pay you for every new member you refer to their site who then shops and makes a purchase at their partner merchants sites.


Ebates Coupons and Cash Back


earn extra income with ebates

Limited time offer: Earn $25 offer valid until the 6/30/18


Other jobs you could do to earn that extra $500 to $1000 cash.


  • Sell stuff from around your house/garage that you don’t need on eBay or try out Facebook Marketplace (currently no fees on FB to sell)
  • Walk/feed/House sit for peoples with dogs/pets etc
  • Rent out your house to people on vacation: Get a $50 Travel Credit for signing up HERE
  • House Sit
  • Mow Lawns
  • Booking.Com  you get US$15 for every friend you invite to Booking.com. If your friend books and stays, they get US$15 too. Sign up HERE
  • Join Stella & Dot as a Stylist. They have great products and a great reward program so make sure to apply today!

  • Teach another Language
  • Book Keeping

Your Parking Space

Would you like to earn money renting out your car parking space. Well UK company ‘Your Parking Space’ lets you do just that. Here’s what they say on their website:

So there you go, if you live in the UK, you could be earning good money renting out a space that you might not be using. Interested? check them out HERE




Izea is a company that you can earn money with, even if you only have a small social media following. Izea brings sponsors to you so you can make money through your blog and social media accounts by putting their advertising on your accounts. You can generate make income simply by creating a simple tweet, or by publishing an Instagram picture, creating a blog post, etc.

Click here to sign up for Izea. It is free to join and free to use. To get started, sign up, connect at least one social media account, and validate your email so that you can start earning extra cash.




Fiverr is an online Marketplace where its free & easy to register and sell your services. With over 100 categories to choose from, you can set the price on a project from $5 to $995 and the best part is you get to keep 80% paid directly into your account on the completion of the job. You can sign up for Fiverr HERE


sign up for fiverr
Sign up for Fiverr HERE

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Also, make sure to check out my page on making extra income as I am compiling a great list of online jobs and links to posts.

****This post may contain Affiliate links: Please go ahead and check out my full Disclaimer Policy HERE****


Thanks for stopping by, I hope there was something here to give you inspiration.

What idea’s/side hustle’s have worked for you? and what hasn’t worked? let me know in the comments.


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2 thoughts on “Ways to earn an extra $500 to $1000 income each month.

  1. I did the survey gig for a couple of months. Survey Junkie was the best to work with in my opinion and Swagbucks was a close second. I wouldn’t bother with any of the others as they all feed their surveys through the two just mentioned anyway.

    I would include pet sitting — a lot of times people want someone to watch their pets while they travel and boarding costs are high. I have a friend who’s made a nice bit of change staying at the pet’s home while the family is away and will even be driving a dog to it’s northern home for summer, so he doesn’t have to fly. 🙂

    I, too, was concerned about putting all my eggs in one basket and will also be checking out Fiverr.

    1. Thanks Cyndi that’s a great idea. I will def include it as I know a few people who don’t like putting pets into boarding. I imagine you would understand the need to diversify!
      Thanks for the great feedback.

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