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Art Roundup- new art, baby animals and art I'm hearting right now!

Art Roundup- new art, baby animals and art I’m hearting right now!

Hi lovelies, I haven’t shared any new art for awhile and its a public holiday here in NZ so while I am having a chill day with not a lot to do what better way to spend a few hours than by sharing some new art and showcasing a few pieces that I’m loving right now!


New art, baby animals and art I'm hearting right now!
Art Roundup- New Art avail here


I don’t know about you, but there is just something so cute and heartwarming about baby animals. They look adorable both in and out of the nursery! Here are a few takes on some of my favorite babies, fawns, bunnies, and pugs! and I threw in a quote artwork just because we all need to keep on dreaming!


New Art, baby animals, and the Dreamers Quote!


canvas print of my artwork Deer Me, new art
‘Deer Me’ Canvas Print Avail here



Deer Me Wall Mural art
‘Deer Me’ Wall Mural Avail here


Tulip artwork, new art
‘Tulip’ art print avail here


‘Tulip’ Framed art print avail here


'Briar Rabbit' Canvas Art Print, new art
‘Briar Rabbit’ Canvas Art Print avail here


'Briar Rabbit' Wal Mural
‘Briar Rabbit’ Wal Mural avail here


Dreamers Quote, new art
‘Dreamers Quote’ avail here



'Dreamers Quote' Wall Mural
‘Dreamers Quote’ Wall Mural avail here


Familia Art print
‘Familia’ Art Print avail here




Oh Deer Art Print
‘Oh Deer’ Art Print avail here



'Oh Deer' Wood Wall Art, new art
‘Oh Deer’ Wood Wall Art avail here



'Bunny' Art Print
‘Bunny’ Art Print avail here



'Bunny' Wall Mural, new art
‘Bunny’ Wall Mural avail here



'Calf' Framed Art Print
‘Calf’ Framed Art Print avail here



'Calf' new art, Canvas Print
‘Calf’ Canvas Print avail here



I hope there is something there that you like, please go ahead and share it if you want to save it for later or there is someone you know who would love this art in their home, nursery or kids room. These artworks are all available on a variety of products from laptop sleeves to chopping boards and everything in between. You can check out more products here



Leave me a comment. I would love to hear your thoughts!





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