“Jesus follower, unashamed of the gospel, wife, mother, digital artist & designer living down under in NZ.”

Hi, welcome to my About Page!

I’m Donna,Suzanne and I’ve been married to Richard my bestie, my beau and my partner in crime for 29 years

We have 6, yes 6! awesome kids from the ages of 27 to 14 years old. We’ve been blessed with amazing kids, who are all strong-willed, incredible individuals.

I know they will make a difference and change the world in their generation but raising them has been quite a ride!  One thing is for sure, they have kept me on my knees in prayer and there is never a dull moment in our house, it is sometimes chaotic, always loud and I love it!

We live down under in NZ and I love that we get to live in such a beautiful place and raise our kids here.

About- Richard and I at Tom & Ginny's Wedding.
Me & My Bestie

I’m a digital artist and designer who loves Photoshop. I just get a buzz out of creating something new out of something old. I market My artwork and brand using my middle name,’ Suzanne Carter.’

I gave my life to Jesus at the age of 22 and it was the greatest decision of my life. The journey of grace is the greatest romance and adventure you will ever find. Our lives can be filled with ups and downs but I’m grateful for every hill and valley as I walk with the LORD.

Thanks so much for stopping by

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X Donna Suzanne

A snippet of photos that give you a glimpse into our family. A few pictures about who we are.



About-In Rotorua 2017
Isaac, Jacob, Hannah & Micah


About- Photo of Hannah & Jacob holidays 2017
Jacob & Hannah




Waikanae Beach
Isaac & Hannah









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  1. Loving my blog, but I am technically challenged. Leaving myself a comment to try and work out my site settings,lol! Where are my kids when I need them.

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