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Unwrapping Christmas, a dance and an answered prayer!

I wanted to revisit this post because it is amazing to look back and see what God has done since I wrote ‘Unwrapping Christmas, a dance and an answered prayer’ and give Him praise!

The original post was written in 2016.

Last Sunday night was so amazing for me as I got to watch my 16 year old son dance at the  Christmas night service for church and it was an incredible moment and an answer to prayers I have prayed for him for years.. I felt like I was watching him walk into what God has called him and made him to do.

Back in July before our church conference I pulled him aside and said to him ” I think you need to dance again, you should pray about it” his answer was “I’m done with dance mum” so I left it, I had sown a seed it was now up to  God. At the end of our 3 day conference my son came to me and said “mum I heard from the LORD I think He wants me to dance again” he seemed incredulous that God would talk to him and he decided to try out for dance auditions. I was so happy for him that he made it into the team and I have loved watching his passion and dedication to being part of the team grow throughout the year.

My son is a really good rugby player and he’s played rep teams all throughout his age grades, but I have never seen the excitement and commitment that he has  for dance in his rugby. I have been amazed as he has waited for hours after school by himself for 3+ hours and then caught a train home at 11 pm at night, getting up at 6 am the next morning to go back into school.

Isaac and his dad Richard before a game.

Isaac and Richard before one of his first rugby games.


Isaac lining up to catch the ball.
Rugby Lineup



Isaac's team won Sevens Tournament.
Sevens Rugby Tournament


Isaac dancing in the Christmas Production Dance
Arise Dance Team- Christmas

I am also really grateful to this incredible team of young people who have welcomed him in and made him feel like part of the family. He came to me and said “mum I feel like I have found my fit and my place to serve”  This just makes a mama’s heart sing!


Update on Isaac’s Dance:

This January Isaac (17) got to dance on the music video ‘Tomorrow will come” for CASS, she is amazing and such an up and coming talent. It was such a privilege for him to be part of her dance team.

Isaac only dances in the second half of the song but I am so proud of him and pretty stoked to see him outworking the gifts and talents that God has given him.


You can buy CASS’s album HERE

I would love to hear your thoughts, or your story so please leave me a comment. Can I pray for you it would be my pleasure to serve you.

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