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Overcoming procrastination – new digital art

A burst of creative energy

Every now and again I get a burst of creative energy and try to make the most of it, creating new art before the urge to passes me by. My biggest battle is procrastination and getting around to doing something.

Here are a few of my new artworks created mostly in Photoshop. If you follow the link under the image you can buy these designs as art prints and on various home decor and stationery products:

Pink Cat- digital artwork
Pink Cat


Grey horse portrait in grey & bokeh
A bouquet of pink
Pink Posy
digital art- emerge

Feel free to drop my a line, or leave me a comment with your thoughts on how to overcome procrastination. It is something I am working on, as I can go for long spells where I think about and even talk about creating something, but that is as far as it gets.

I think if I am feeling stressed or distracted then obviously that doesnt do much to get the creative juices flowing but sometimes for no reason at all I just want to make something and at these times it seems to be a very spontaneous. Maybe I am over thinking it, how about you?

If you enjoy these designs you can check out more of my art and designs at:

  1. Curioos

  2. FineArt America

  3. Kess InHouse

  4. Society6


X Suzanne



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